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The objectives of the Challenge

Profit Target

The Challenge is made up of 2 phases, each with its own profit objective based on the current phase. During the 1st phase, you must reach a goal of 10% of the initial value of your account, then, in the 2nd phase, the earning goal is 5% of the size of your account. You must trade a minimum of 4 days and have the time you want to validate this objective.

5% Daily Loss

The daily loss limit should not exceed 5% of your current account value. For example, if your account is $100,000, the maximum loss allowed on a single day would be $5,000.

10% Maximum Loss

The maximum tolerated loss must not exceed 10% of the value of your account. For example, if you trade with a $100,000 account, your total loss should not incur above $10,000.

Which Challenge is made for you ?

Scale up to $1M

Once you have successfully completed your Challenge and your account got funded, the adventure doesn’t stop there. Raise My Funds offers you to increase your trading capital to reach a new stage.

You will need to make a profit of 10% of the initial balance over a minimum of 14 days.

You will have the possibility of moving to a new stage of the plan, by increasing your capital, up to a limit of $1,000,000.

As if that wasn’t enough, each time you « Scale-Up », your profit share will also be increased by 10% with a maximum of 90%

Balance for each step Max Daily Loss Max Lifetime Loss
$10 000
$1 000
$25 000
$1 250
$2 500
$50 000
$2 500
$5 000
$100 000
$5 000
$10 000
$200 000
$10 000
$20 000
$300 000
$15 000
$30 000
$400 000
$20 000
$40 000
$500 000
$25 000
$50 000
$600 000
$30 000
$60 000
$700 000
$35 000
$70 000
$800 000
$40 000
$80 000
$900 000
$45 000
$90 000
$1 000 000
$50 000
$100 000

Live Spreads

Questions you may ask

Just click on « Get Funded » and select the Challenge you’re interested in. Once you’ve paid, you’ll receive your account login details directly to the e-mail address you’ve entered. Then download the RaiseMyFunds client and connect to the terminal using the account login details we’ve sent you by e-mail.

Now it’s your turn!

Created by the RaiseFX broker, RaiseMyFunds has a Category 1 FSP license issued by the FSCA, the South African regulatory authority, offering peace of mind and confidence to its traders.

In addition, the company has already been recognized by the International Business Magazine as well as the World Business Outlook for the quality of its customer service and its exceptional trading conditions.

Finally, do not simply rely on our writings but rather on the testimonials of confidence of our traders by joining the Discord community, the daily live trading on Kick or by simply consulting our TrustPilot (RaiseFX TrustPilot).

Obviously, as a regulated company, RaiseMyfunds has its own MetaTrader 5 license, trade with the best conditions throughout your adventure!

Once payment has been made, you will automatically receive 2 emails, a 1st allowing you to access your RaiseMyFunds customer area and a 2nd with the login credentials for your trading account.

Remember to check the “spam” folder in your mailbox if you cannot find these 2 emails in question 😉

Make sure your login details are secure and that no one other than you has access to them.

Once you have successfully completed the Challenge, it is time to become a RaiseMyFunds funded trader.

Once you have made your first profits, several options are available to you:

1/ Withdraw the profits from your funded account from the 14st day following your first transaction

2/ Participate in our Scaling Plan to increase your balance up to $1,000,000 and go from 70% to 90% shared profits!

If you have chosen to withdraw your profits, they will arrive in your virtual wallet, from where you can choose to withdraw to your bank account or take on a new challenge.


Yourself and Become
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