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Raise My Funds has the largest choice of assets to trade with, the lowest commission in the market and the lowest spreads, guaranteeing you the best trading conditions in the world.


Raise My Funds provides you an professional leverage of 1:100 to allow you to diversify further, increase your capital and therefore: earn more.

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The Best

Obviously, Raise My Funds offers the most popular trading platform to execute orders of all Challengers in MT5.

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Raise My Funds allows you to trade like you want to, without any restrictions, so everyone can apply his own trading style.

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Whether you want to trade forex, commodities, stocks, cryptos or indices, everything is possible with Raise My Funds.

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One of the most important things in a prop firm is compliance and the resulting regulations to provide users with guaranteed peace of mind. Thanks to its license and the support of the RaiseFX broker, you can trade with confidence.